JetBlue - Happy Jetting
ROLE: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
JetBlue has been jetting since it's inception in 2000. The focus of their new ad campaign was to put a stake in the ground and declare once and for all that JetBlue does not fly, but rather they Jet. What is jetting, you might ask? Well, jetting is all the wonderful things that make being on a JetBlue flight just a bit more wonderful than flying coach with the other guys. Things like your own personal free television which features live TV, over 100 channels of free XM radio, all the free snacks and drinks you want and plenty of extra legroom. Sounds good!



This microsite which coincided with the launch of the new campaign brought elements of the jetter's guide to life, including a quiz which would determine whether a user is a flyer or a jetter, a timeline on the rise of jetting (and decline of flying), a jet simulator and a way for users to create their own jet class, a group of friends who would be entered to win free flights. Plus a whole lot more. visit archived link

THE JETTER'S GUIDE TO JETTING: and other jetlike things
The Happy Jetting campaign was launched to the press in the form of a hard cover book. The Jetter's Guide to Jetting. It was jetBlue's declaration which would set them apart from the other airlines. The book includes everything you need to know about what it means to be a Jetter. It was released in a limited hard cover version and a mass produced abridged paperback version.

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We also saturated the world with posters, billboards, etc. to spread the joyous message of jetting.
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